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August 21 2017

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from 'House On The Rock Day'
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BIRD: I eat things your size, but not like you
CAT: I eat things like you, but not your size




"well, it seems we are at an impasse."

"so we are. carry on, cat"

"same to you, bird."

They literally were in an awkward situation

I love how the bird leaves like “well, I best be hitting the dusty trail”

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as far as i can see: there were a bunch of leftists and 'leftists' on 4chan, 8chan and reddit, who wanted to "reclaim the left" and oppose 'sjws' and post communist to national-bolshewist propaganda images. i suspect the term "alt-left" has lost meaning faster than "sjw" did..
this card will give you excellent visuals. #ba-dum-tss
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people @ mozilla are having a lot of fun with the logo of firefox nightly recently. a few days ago they used the old firebird logo. this is what i saw today. also the real new nighly logo looks pretty cool, looks like the flamier tail and flashier colors will comes to regular firefox as well.. i approve. :)
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An Iranian Journey by Hossein Fatemi (via My Persian-Speaking Friends)

Iranian photographer Hossein Fatemi, offers a glimpse of an entirely different side to Iran than the image usually broadcasted by domestic and foreign media. In his photo series An Iranian Journey, many of the photographs reveal an Iran that most people never see, presenting an eye-opening look at the amazing diversity and contrasts that exist in the country.

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